The night before Thanksgiving

The pies are baked, the cranberry sauce is made, the appetizers are prepped, the turkey is brining, my pants feel tighter already… Thanksgiving  meal prep is coming along nicely! I’ve had a helper in the kitchen-

Today, I am thankful that my bird did not jump into my pumpkin pie. The aforementioned pie crust was not as lucky.

Maybe telling everyone that a bird walked on the crust will discourage them from eating it. More for me!

I keep forgetting I have a race tomorrow! I’m pretty nervous, considering I just plugged Nora (my Garmin) into my computer and saw that I have run a grand total of 4 times since my marathon on October 17th. The last time I did 6 miles, I maintained a lightning fast pace of 11:23 minutes a mile. I know, I know… a true speed demon!

I really have no idea how to pace myself for a 10k. I’m planning on  starting out modestly and gathering speed toward the end. The site for the course said there are some hills, so I don’t want to start too fast and get burned out. My goal is 58 minutes- an average of 9:20 miles. We’ll see how this goes! Perhaps the thought of free food after the race will help me power through. A feast before THE feast!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to celebrate my favorite holiday with the two most important things in my life- family and food!

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