Eating While Traveling


Day three of not counting calories went alright. Let’s just say that I’m making up for 21 years of not eating pecans in one day. God, those things are addicting! As usual, I ate too much for lunch and didn’t eat dinner until 8:30, when I got home from work.

Breakfast was eaten in my car between classes. I had a Pink Lady (the best!) and the Z-bar I snagged from the 10k on Thursday. I like the chocolate chip flavor, but it was stale 😦

All of my lunches lately involve fruit and cheese together. I microwaved brie, half of a sliced apple, and spinach in a whole wheat wrap and finished it up on the grill.

Awwww yeah. Do I even need to say how delicious this was?

Snacks were typical.

Dates and pecans (plus a few more dates and A LOT more pecans)

I also made some tofu chocolate pudding and pumpkin yogurt that went unpictured. It’s hard to make them look pretty 🙂

I stopped at the store after work to grab some bananas, and had to get some of my beloved kabocha. It’s been too long, friend!

Along with a green smoothie. Half a banana, about a cup of mixed berries, and as much spinach as I could cram in. Yes, I drink it out of the mixer. Less dishes!

I went back for another quarter of the kabocha, as well as more pecans. I was hungry!

I’m flying to Colorado on Friday to visit the university and visit my friend. I used Google Earth to find restaurants and grocery stores close by, so I have an idea of how to plan my time. I am so relieved to see that I’m staying a mile away from a Whole Foods in both Denver and Fort Collins! When I was in Portland in January, I ate the most life changing granola bar I can ever hope to experience. Honestly, words will not do this bar justice. As soon as I got home, I searched high and low at my local Whole Foods to find it- to no avail. Ever since then, I’m determined to visit every Whole Foods I can to find it. (Yeah… it’s THAT good.) When my sister went to Boston in June, she actually sought out a Whole Foods and found the granola bar! Actually, it wasn’t the exact one- the kind I had in Portland was really dense and chewy, and the one she got me from Boston was more cake like, but delicious in its own way. You better believe I will be on the hunt in Colorado to track them down!

I’m also hoping to get some healthy food to eat while I’m traveling. In the past, I let all willpower fly out the window while traveling, and end up eating out every meal or eating whatever I can find. I’m extremely cheap, so I try to limit eating out anyhow, and it would be nice to have some healthy snacks on hand. While looking through some old pictures today, I found a few pictures I took of some food I ate while traveling. This is the kind of food I ate in Europe and Australia when a) I was a vegetarian where vegetarian food is not necessarily readily available who is b) too cheap to go to a restaurant c) lacking a fridge d) had to buy things I could eat in one sitting because I had no place to store it. Go ahead and judge me- I’m judging myself!

Possibly the only time I ate vegetables when I went to Australia last year. This was pretty cheap and not half bad! Definitely one of the better choices I’ve made while traveling.

Unfortunately I pretty much subsisted on peanut butter brought from home. That stuff is expensive overseas! But Australia wasn’t a total bust. I had some of the best Indian food of my life that went unpictured because I hadn’t eaten all day and I was about to eat my friend.

Europe in 2008- I ate more crap than I have in my entire life and came back 5 pounds lighter. This was my breakfast one morning. I’m having a heart attack just looking at it! I can’t find the picture of another winner of a breakfast- a huge chocolate roll cake that is probably supposed to serve 10. I ate every bite… by myself.

Best focaccia of my life in Amsterdam. See the thumbs up? My friend was going to go to Amsterdam last year and I gave her very specific instructions as to how to find the grocery store we bought this from so she could find this and send it to me. She never ended up going, and I died a little on the inside.

We pretty much lived on chocolate in Belgium.

And Belgian waffles, of course!

Things improved that trip when we took the train from London to Paris. We had first class tickets (if you go in the evening, it’s cheaper than coach!) and were served a good meal.

I see pecans in this salad! I probably picked them out. If I knew then what I knew now…

I went to Europe again last year and ate considerably better. Most of our meals were eaten on a cruise ship, so we didn’t eat too much ‘real’ European food. Just as well, because food in Scandinavia is crazy expensive! When we went to Oslo, my friend’s relatives took us to their house and served us a real Norwegian breakfast! I wish I had taken a picture of it. I just felt weird about asking perfect strangers to photograph the food they were so generously feeding me. 🙂 And they bought us Napoleons! I miss Norway…

The desserts on the cruise ship were not to be believed… Tiramisu and a hazelnut brownie! Don’t be fooled by the fact that there were only two desserts on this plate. I went back many, many times each night.

Pizza and (too much!) wine in Italy. I visited a friend that was studying abroad there, and she knew about a lot of great restaurants and shared her Nutella with us. My favorite sandwich- peanut butter and Nutella- was born in a tiny apartment in Rome 🙂

Real, honest-to-God gnocchi in pesto sauce. I wept a little when I ate this because I know nothing I ate would ever top it. This is possibly the best meal I’ve ever had!

Gelato every day, naturally. Nutella (see a theme?) and strataciella was the best combination I had. This place didn’t even compare to another place we found called Old Bridge. If you are ever in Rome and you don’t go there, you have not had REAL gelato!

Pastries in Russia

The friend that I went on the cruise with was determined to try yogurt in every country we went to. I think the only countries she didn’t get any in were Poland and Russia. I didn’t get a picture of all of them, but we determined that Italian yogurt was the best, with Germany being a close second.

Danish yogurt

Norwegian yogurt

Swedish yogurt

Estonian yogurt

These pictures are making me really want to go abroad… and eat yogurt. Maybe stocking up on yogurt in Colorado will prevent me from eating entire cakes for breakfast. We’ll see!

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2 Responses to Eating While Traveling

  1. OH MY GOSH! I agree with everything you said! The yogurt here in France is so so so good. There are different pasturization laws here that simply trump American dairy. Also, I eat so differently here than I did in the US. I make ALL my own food, normally high in fat and carbs! But I am full for way longer – hence why I don’t think I’ve gained any weight? Who knows, I don’t weigh myself! Great post!

    • Thanks! I am so jealous you live in France! I never tried yogurt there but I bet it is great. I think the fact that there are wayyy less processed foods definitely account for the fact that European food is superior 🙂

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