There are a lot of things I should be doing right now. Packing, studying, packing, trip planning, packing… did I mention packing? It’s almost 9 p.m. and I just set my alarm for the ungodly hour of 4:45 a.m. Way too early, even for this early bird! I am so excited to be flying to Colorado tomorrow! In addition to exploring Denver, a friend and I are going to Fort Collins for two days to meet with a counselor to discuss transferring next fall. My friend has done all the planning that involves the school. I’ve done all the planning that involves food. 🙂 Our hotel in Denver doesn’t serve breakfast (boo!) and I was looking for a place to eat on our last morning. God bless Iowa Girl Eats for this post about this restaurant! I am salivating looking at this menu. I don’t care if the restaurant is far from our hotel… nothing will stop me from getting these pancakes!

My breakfast this morning was a little less exciting. I had my daily pumpkin yogurt. Typical!

Lunch, however, was not typical. I normally throw together a quick lunch because I’m starving when I get home, but I got out of class a little earlier today and was in the mood for something different. Oh, and I was trying to avoid writing my research paper. When you combine procrastination and a little extra time, it equals one of the best lunches I’ve had in a while!

I made (never home)maker‘s savory corn pancakes and pan-browned brussels sprouts. All I can say is… wow. Make these immediately!  I made the following changes, and they turned out great-

  • Water instead of almond milk (I’m out!)
  • 1/2 cup of egg whites instead of two eggs
  • No egg yolk
  • No pepper (forgot!)
  • Chives instead of scallions… I didn’t have any!

I topped them with (an insane amount of) brie on half, and goat cheese on the other half. Raspberry jam all around. I didn’t do anything fancy to the brussels sprouts, just sauteed them plain. Yup, this is a keeper! I graciously offered the other half (it made 12) to my sister for dinner and was relieved to find out she didn’t eat them. I’m packing them up and taking them to Colorado with me! They will make a great lunch tomorrow 🙂

Because I had my normal after-lunch yogurt for breakfast instead, I was in the mood for a little something sweet. Enter banana soft serve! Don’t ask why, but I refer to this as “frozen banana treat.” 🙂

Rather than mix peanut butter into the bananas, I prefer to put it on top. Or bottom. That’s what she said. I use peanut flour from Trader Joe’s. The key to making the peanut flour delectable is adding a little flavor! I added pumpkin pie spice, a little sea salt, and took Kath’s lead and added a vanilla extract.

Stir stir stir!

And then plop it on top of the bananas. I prefer a lot of peanut butter, clearly. 🙂

I normally let my bananas get really brown and soft before I freeze them, but my banana-hating family always complains about the smell of them ripening, so I stuck them in the freezer as soon as I got them. The texture and taste is better with ripe ones, in my opinion. Still good, though!

In order to put off finishing my research paper as long as possible, I turned on my oven and made pumpkin bean bars!

I followed the directions, but I left out the brown sugar and used only half a tablespoon of peanut butter. Since I only have a three-cup food processor, I could only blend half a time. I only added a little peanut butter at first because I wanted to be sure it wasn’t overpowering, and I totally forgot to add it to the second half of the mix!

These were great… as evidenced by the fact that I ate half the pan before they cooled, despite the recipe advising me to wait until they had cooled. It did say they are better the next day, so the other half is sitting in my fridge, and will be my breakfast on the plane tomorrow.

I was seriously full after all of this. In addition to eating a lot, I think the huge amount of cheese with my lunch hurt my stomach. So, dinner was an apple. To my surprise, it didn’t even sound good, but I knew I should eat something. My stomach still hurts! I think I need to cut back on the cheese consumption a little…

This picture makes it look like I work in an office, but if you look closely, you can see a Spongebob sticker on the keyboard. I actually work in the daycare of a gym. I had to eat that apple fast before the kids come up to me and beg me for a bite 🙂

Okay, I really need to go finish packing now. See you on Tuesday!

Are you a procrastinator when it comes to trips, or do you like to get things done early?

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26 Responses to Procrastinating

  1. Uggghhhhh – I am SO jealous you get to eat at Snooooze!!! Ben and I still maintain that is was the best breakfast we’ve EVER eaten!!!! Enjoy!!!

    • If it wasn’t for your post, I never would have heard about it! We actually switched our travel plans so we won’t be in Denver in the morning at all, but there is one in Fort Collins that we are planning on going to even though we get a free breakfast at our hotel… yeah, it looks THAT good!

  2. Errign says:

    I’m a packing procrastinator, but I am SO used to packing that it flies right by.

    My boyfriend & I are looking at doing National Student Exchange in CO next fall!

  3. Runeatrepeat says:

    Oh my gosh! Just read your “About” we ran the same mary too!

  4. I am a HUGE procrastinator when it comes to packing and usually end up doing it all the night before :S

    I still haven’t tried banana soft serve!! I know, I know… Ha! I need to get a food processor, my blender sucks!

    • I’m glad to know I am not the only procrastinator! You should put a food processor on your Christmas list 🙂 There are some good deals around the holidays, and you can enjoy the life changing food that is banana soft serve!

  5. That banana pB creation looks TO DIE FOR.

  6. Have an amazing time in Colorado…and girl that is way to early. All of your eats looks so good and so HEALTHY! I am definitely a procrastinator, packing is the worst but unpacking is even worse! Have fun and take LOTS of pictures!

  7. Right now I am doing some MAJOR procrastination on studying for finals. I keep finding excuses to do other things!

  8. If I’m excited about the trip, I pack crazy early. If not so excited, it’s last minute. However, either way – the hour before I’m supposed to leave I’m running around the house thinking about last minute necessities!

  9. biz319 says:

    It’s funny because my daughter is SUPER organized and has been packing herself (and me!) since the age of 8 – she’s now 18!

    I don’t know what I am going to do when she moves out 😀

    Hope you are having a ton of fun!

  10. I usually try to get everything done ahead of time but my head start usually falls behind this time of year!

  11. I need to try an oreo cakesters and I am so glad you snack as you bake too:)

  12. runyogarepeat says:

    I love banana soft serve and peanut butter.
    Have fun in Colorado! I’m going on a snowboarding vacation in Colorado in January, I’m so excited!

  13. tricia says:

    your lunch looks delish!

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