Pancakes and Pouring Rain

Another day, another torrential downpour here in California. Well, not torrential, but the way everyone is reacting to this weather, you would think we’re experiencing a natural disaster! Does it count if my street flooded?

Rather than go to the gym this morning, I did my usual blog stalking. I’ve noticed over the past few days that my comments aren’t showing up on a lot of blogs, and I didn’t know what the problem was… so I would try to add a comment multiple times. Little did I know, my comments are ending up in the some people’s spam folders! I don’t know how to fix this, but if I’ve left, like, five variations of the same comment on your blog on the past few days, I didn’t mean to! I feel like a big creeper now 🙂

Even though it was pouring all day, my sister and I thought it would be a good idea to go to lunch and do a little Christmas shopping. We braved the slippery freeways (yikes!) and made it intact to my new favorite restaurant, Rutabegorz. I seriously cannot get enough of this place. The only thing I can get enough of is their prices. They’re not expensive, per se, but it’s a little rich for my blood 🙂

I was bummed to see pumpkin hummus wasn’t on the menu- like the rest of the world, they seem to think it’s only a November staple. When will everyone learn pumpkin needs to be year round?! However, each month, in honor of their 40 year anniversary, they have a new dip for only 40 cents! I don’t really care what it tastes like, honestly, if it’s that cheap.

December’s dip is the holiday dip- cream cheese, cranberries, tart green apples, and walnuts. It was just as good as the pumpkin hummus. I need to recreate this!

I decided to get something other than my beloved blue cheese and cranberry pizza and decided on the wrapitos au vegetarian- jack cheese, cream cheese, mild green chiles and spinach stuffed inside a whole-wheat tortilla, served hot topped with cheddar cheese and red enchilada sauce.

I just realized the menu said it was supposed to come with chips, which I didn’t get, but it had a fat chunk of pineapple, so I’m not complaining! These were really good, although ridiculously messy.

My sister got the same burrito she got last time and let me eat her crispy cheese. That’s why I keep her around. 🙂 Doesn’t this look like a prehistoric fish? No? Just me?

We had a coupon for frozen yogurt, and debated saving it for a warmer day when we weren’t so full. This thinking lasted about two minutes, and frozen yogurt it was! Clearly, I can’t be trusted with the self-serve machines.

I got four flavors- peanut butter, peppermint, cake batter, and chocolate and topped it with Kit-Kats and brownies. Go big or go home, right? Good to the last bite.

I love the fact they had seasonal cups. For someone that doesn’t go to Starbucks and never can enjoy their festive red cups, this was a nice surprise 🙂

A serious food coma ensued after this, naturally. Maybe that’s because I had eaten pancakes a few hours before?

Wheat Bran Apple Pancakes


  • 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 cup unprocessed wheat bran
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 – 1 tbsp agave or maple syrup


  • Dump it all in a bowl and mix, mix, mix!

  • Spray a skillet with non-stick spray and heat to medium high heat. Add the pancake batter, making them as big or small as you’d like. I made three good sized cakes.

  • Cook until brown on both sides.

Rather than put maple syrup on top, I made a half serving of pumpkin yogurt (1/4 cup pumpkin and 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt) and smeared a little on each pancake. Pancake tower!

Still hot… look at that condensation!

What’s your favorite rainy day breakfast? Now that school is out and I have time to make myself a good breakfast, I have been loving pancakes!

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29 Responses to Pancakes and Pouring Rain

  1. Emily says:

    one of my mom’s good friends lives around LA and when she visited her once, it rained, and she said it was so hilarious how people overreacted to it! lol, I guess nothing phases you when 6 inches of snow won’t cancel school or stop you from driving places 😀

    I LOVE FROZEN YOGURT! That looks amazing, and even though it’s only 20 degrees here, I would still totally eat it.

  2. i agree, definitely cant complain about a meal like that no matter how messy. the pineapple was a creative side touch that was added. mmmm that dish would definitely warm me up right now ❤ nom nom

  3. oh yummy pancakes!! i cant be trusted with fro-yo either! i load ’em up!!

  4. AlisonM says:

    That dip sounds amazing! I just do not have the patience for pancakes in the morning. I make oatmeal in the microwave by dumping everything in a bowl and hitting go! Current favourite combo is oats, quinoa flakes, banana, cashed butter and oat cream. I like to dump a lot in 😉

  5. Ugh – the comment thing is a big PITA. I finally emailed Askimet to get it “fixed.” It helped a little, but there’s still a couple blogs that I show up as spam. Boooo 😦

  6. I am so in agreement with you – pumpkin needs to be a year round treat!

    Pancakes are great for a rainy day . . . or any day for that matter.

  7. Wow, definitely stay dry out there! That’s all they’ve been talking about on the news is the horrible weather out in California! :/

    And the yogurt looks amaaaazing! We literally have ZERO frozen yogurt places anywhere even remotely close to my house. 😦

  8. mangocheeks says:

    Your wrapitos au vegetarian look like real comfort food, but i am so curious about the blue cheese and cranberry piszza that I am off there next to check them out.

    My favourite rainy day breakfast has to be waffles. Got plenty of time on my hands to make them, especially as I would have decided not to go out and get wet wet wet.

  9. Ooh those pancakes look good! I do love pancakes…! 🙂
    And that frozen yoghurt…yum!

  10. greekmelie says:

    I hear you on the traffic part. I wonder what would have happened if it actually snowed, even for a little bit in LA… That would be fun to watch!

  11. sophia says:

    Count me as one of the Angelenos floundering abt, not knowing what to do in this rain! It’s funny, but a few days of rain here is like having a blizzard to us.

  12. I love a good pancake! or french toast or strata! Breakfast is my fav. meal of the day and I’m always sad when it’s over!

  13. Kat says:

    Im loving all the rain right now 🙂 I made pancakes this morning too, but mine were my POMcakes. SO yummy. Yours look really good and nutritious as well! I have never made pancakes with bran before (is that weird?). I use oats all the time but never bran, Ill have to give this recipe a go!

  14. Kat says:

    Okay, Rutabegorz looks AMAZING. And I’m totally with you on the pre-historic fish. It looks a little bit like a trilobite?

    My favorite rainy day breakfast involves coffee. After that, as long as I’m cozy, it’s all gravy.

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