A Very Merry Christmas

Where did this season go?!

I can’t believe Christmas is already over! As usual, it was a great holiday, full of the two most important things- food and family. In that order. Just kidding… but seriously.

As usual, my grandparents, uncle and cousin came over to our house on Christmas Eve. Aren’t my grandparents cute?

My mom always puts out such a spread. I remember eating Bagel Bites every year as kids, but thankfully, everyone’s palates have matured a bit 🙂

We don’t do a sit down dinner- we mainly just make appetizers and set out plates, and everyone sort of grazes. I like it better that way- I can load my plate multiple times and no one is paying attention enough to judge me!

There was a lot of meat (that’s what she said) but I was so full from desserts I didn’t mind. My mom made Thai meatballs with a peanut sauce for dipping, cheese and bread, and little ham sandwiches with a mustardy sauce. My sister and I made a few for ourselves without ham. Compromises!

I think the hit of the night was dates wrapped in bacon and stuffed with goat cheese and almonds. I made sure to snag a few before the bacon was added. YUM!!!

That’s a horrible picture, but there is no way of making them look appetizing.

Dare I say we had too many desserts? I wish I had taken a picture of all of them- I was too distracted eating them 🙂 At last count, we had pumpkin pie, M&M bars, anise cookies, Russian tea cakes, chocolate peppermint cookies, a box of chocolates… and probably way more. All that sugar is clouding my memory!

As a family that firmly believes in Festivus, the feats of strength naturally occurred.

This was before anyone started drinking, too…

My grandparents spent the night so they didn’t have to drive home in the dark. Thankfully, the rain held off until the next night! After they left, we had breakfast while opening presents.

My mom made eggs and I made the pumpkin bread. Don’t let this picture fool you… I finished off the loaf of bread.

I usually get really stressed out when I’m Christmas shopping because I never think anyone is going to like what I get them. I think I did a good job this year, though!

I got my brother a Star Wars shirt, and my sister got this picture for him. Nerd alert!

I got this for my mom at Target. I’m pretty sure there is absolutely no room for it in the kitchen, and it’s no KitchenAid, but it’s handy and I think she liked it 🙂

My sister and I also got her an Olay Pro-X kit. What, you don’t get your mom anti-aging stuff for Christmas? She asked for it, I swear!

My sister got me the cutest apron, which doubled as a face shield. I don’t like having my picture taken! She also got me a fleece vest to run in, even though it’s not nearly cold enough to need one. I just really wanted it 🙂 She also got me a teapot! It’s beautiful and mustard yellow, and deserves its own blog post, which it shall receive some day.

I got my dad a shirt, a huge bottle of Guinness, and a four pack of Guinness glasses. My computer doesn’t want to upload the picture. Sorry, Pops! I got my sister an astronomy calendar (another nerd alert!), a watch, a hat and a scarf.

My parents got me wayyyy too much stuff! After we had finished opening presents, my mom called my sister and I over to the computer, saying that she had a surprise for us. All of a sudden, we heard the song ‘Hair,’ which can only mean one thing- she bought tickets to the play Hair! I pretty much started screaming and jumping up and down. Not only do I love musicals, I especially love ‘Hair.’ I saw it for the first time when I was 15 with my mom and sister on TV, and we all are obsessed with it! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift. I can’t wait to see it with them next month!

The rest of the morning was spent preparing for my aunt, cousins, and grandmother to come. More food was set out, and more eating was done!

Meet the best appetizer I’ve ever had. My mom made this from a Paula Deen recipe. It was supposed to be brie wrapped in puff pastry, but she couldn’t find Brie, so she used camembert instead. There’s a layer of buttery, brown sugary pecans on top of the cheese. I didn’t even bother with crackers. I just cut myself a huge chunk and used my fingers to eat it 🙂

One of my cousins is a vegetarian too, so my sister made a veggie pizza with a whole wheat crust, spinach, tomato sauce, cotija cheese, and black olives.

Confession- we finished it before my cousins even came 🙂 Don’t worry, she didn’t starve! We had plenty of leftover appetizers.

The rest of the night was spent playing games. My mom bought a huge pad of paper and set up an easel so we could play Pictionary. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that’s a boring game- it was quite lively! My brother borrowed Rock Band from someone, which everyone enjoyed. Singing ‘Gimme Shelter’ by the Rolling Stones seems like a good idea until your unsuspecting father starts wondering why you are screaming ‘rape’ and ‘murder’ at the top of your lungs 🙂

Just as quickly as it came, Christmas was over and all that was left was a pile of wrapping paper and a food baby. I’m not too sad about it, though- considering how quickly time is passing, it will be Christmas again before we know it!

Are you relieved the holiday season is coming to a close, or do you wish it was Christmas everyday? I love the holidays, but I am actually looking forward to coming down from this sugar high in the next few days!

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26 Responses to A Very Merry Christmas

  1. greekmelie says:

    Yay for the rain if it makes beloved ones stay over! We actually had to drive back to LA in the middle of the downpour. And where do you people find all those cool star wars stuff! I want too!! (Nerd alert 😉 )

  2. I got my brother’s shirt from Target, and here’s the link for where my sister got the print-


    The seller’s stuff is so funny! If I had a laptop, I would want that storm trooper laptop decal 🙂

  3. AlisonM says:

    I know right, where did it go!? I am kind of relieved — there is so much stress from all directions about presents and food and how to fit all the visits in. But I had a great time, and enjoyed the enforced break (and the food!) 🙂

    Your food looked amazing btw — the sound of those dates and goats cheese, and that baked camembert.. Who says vegetarian Christmases can’t be amazing!

  4. ~Jessica~ says:

    I’m usually relieved once the holidays are over because there’s such an obligation to be happy/smiley on them and I feel such an oddball not celebrating them the way that others do! At the same time though, I think we all need a break from our regular routines, otherwise we wouldn’t appreciate the benefits of having said routines.

    Anyway, glad you had a family and fun-filled xmas and enjoyed it to the full 🙂

  5. Natalie O says:

    What a great Christmas! Where is your festivus pole?? Hehehe

  6. Lisa says:

    Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday! I like your idea about no sit down dinner and just picking at appetizers and sides. Then you don’t get so full and tired!

  7. Your vegetarian Christmas sounds awesome! I’m also looking forward to going back to ‘normal’ foods in the New Year! But I’ll enjoy the indulgence for now! 😀

  8. I am actually ready the holiday season is over. Bring on 2011!

  9. runyogarepeat says:

    I’m so excited to get back to veggies & less sweets…but I have tons of Christmas chocolate left. I try to practice self-control with it, but that may be hard because of my chocolate problem 🙂

  10. I wish it was Christmas EVERYDAY!! All of your food looks amazing! I love just snacking on appetizers. Your grandparents are adorable.

  11. Salah says:

    mmmm that puff pastry looks so yummy! I love brie!

  12. Kristina says:

    I loooooooooove christmas-but I don’t love the puffalump I turn into when it’s all said and done:( I’m excited for the upcoming New Year!

  13. What a wonderful Christmas!
    Confession: I’m still listening to Christmas music, so that gives you my answer…

  14. Heather R says:

    Love that brie appetizer, just had it at a baby shower a couple of weeks ago and it was delish!

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