2010 Goals- A Look Back

As much as I’m looking forward to setting goals for 2011, I thought it was a little strange that I didn’t really set any for 2010. I jokingly made some last year on a blog I don’t use anymore, and it was interesting to see how I did in terms of progress! Even though they weren’t really serious, I actually accomplished some of them 🙂

1. Move to Fort Collins.

Not yet! I was planning on moving last summer, and then I couldn’t decide between moving there or Portland with my sister. I decided to wait until January, but in the end, I’ve decided on the summer of 2011. Obviously, this isn’t a small decision, so as long as I’m working towards it, I am totally fine with not accomplishing it 🙂

2. Marry Sean Penn.

The one resolution I really hoped to keep, and it didn’t happen! Can you believe it? It seems really attainable, right? Next year, Sean… next year.


3. Stop eating Nutella.

Well, due to the fact that I was vegan for over six months out of the year, I really did stop eating it for a while! And then, on the same day I reverted back to vegetarianism, I pulled out the jar and my handy Nutella spoon (yes, I have a spoon specifically designed for scraping jars clean) and finished off that bad boy. I don’t make a habit of buying it anymore because it’s kind of expensive for something that takes me a few days to finish 🙂


3. Go back to school.

Check! After taking a few semesters off to travel and then be lazy, I went back and got straight A’s in the spring semester! My grades weren’t as awesome this semester, but I still feel motivated. I may be out of community college by the time I’m 30!

4. Continue vegetarianism.

Yes- and I was vegan for over half of the year! Considering how often I’ve bounced around from veganism, vegetarianism, and eating meat, I’m surprised that it has been over a year since I’ve eaten any kind of meat. I definitely plan on continuing!

5. Run a 5k.

I did- and also ran a 10k, half marathon, and a marathon! It still surprises me that just a year ago, I didn’t even think I could do a 5k. I was planning on doing one in February of this year, and by the time it came around, I decided I would save my money and do a 10k. I told my mom my plans, and she looked at me like I was crazy. When April came around and the 10k was approaching, I decided to do a half marathon instead- and then my mom thought I was really crazy! So, my first race this year was a half marathon. I did a 5k in August, a marathon in October, a 10k in November, and another 5k in December. This is another goal I plan to keep for next year. I love racing!

6. Travel anywhere.

Not as much as I would have liked, but considering I have limited time because of school and very limited finances, I made the best of it. Plus, I went to Australia and Europe last year, so that kind of wiped my bank account clean. I went to Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver in January, Arizona in April to visit my grandmother, and Colorado in the beginning of this month to visit my friend. I’d love to go abroad again, but my bank account is telling me no!

What are your goals for 2011? I’m still thinking about mine!

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42 Responses to 2010 Goals- A Look Back

  1. Kat says:

    I’m still brainstorming my 2011 goals/resolutions. That being said, I think it was SUCH a good call to avoid rushing a move. Sometimes it’s agonizing not to be moving “forward,” but at the same time, there’s nothing worse than a botched move to a new city with unfamiliar surroundings. This year is the one, lady!

  2. Emily says:

    I am still trying to figure out my goals for 2011. I know I need to think realistically, and I’m consider setting a few monthly goals every month and only like one or two big year goals. I get overwhelmed when I set yearly goals sometimes and usually ditch them by March, lol.

    Also, you totally could still marry Sean Penn, his single and ready to mingle now 😉

  3. Erica D says:

    I’ll probably make my list at the very last minute. As in 2011. Hehe.

    You’re going to adore Colorado, and especially love Fort Collins!! Make sure you get to Estes Park and hike in Rocky Mountain National Park during the summer; it’s the best time to go. Especially in June, when not all the tourists have arrived yet!

  4. Erika says:

    Sounds like you did pretty good with your goals. I gave up Nutella for Lent and went right back after Lent was over. It’s just too good! 😉

  5. runyogarepeat says:

    When I started running, I did the same thing – 5K, 10K, then a half all in 6 months. Congrats on running so much this year! I’ve started thinking about my goals, and I want to beat my half-marathon PR. I also realllyyy want to travel, but I’ll probably wait until I graduate (2012) until I travel.

  6. I didn’t set any goals for 2010 either, except to lose some weight. Which I did!

    It looks like you accomplished a lot this year – lovee Sean Penn, too 🙂

  7. Kristina says:

    A spoon designed for finishing off jars? Seriously? I need!!!!!
    My goals for this year would have to be around finding my own true optimal health and helping others achieve there, have a beautiful wedding and safe amazing honeymoon! And carry on in the blog world:)
    Hope you have an amazing new years!

  8. My goals are still up in the air, I want to get a good list going. But I know I want to eat healthy/whole foods & exercise regularly. Also, I want to find a job that I truly love.

  9. Kat says:

    Congrats on doing so well on all your goals! I think this year was pretty successful for me. It was my first year of marriage, so it was mostly about just learning how to be a good wife and how to live with another person!

  10. the only way to stop eat crack-tella is to not bring it in the house. i try to tell my grandma that just because im obsessed with nutella doesnt mean she should buy MORE when i visit her haha. ❤

  11. Well done for achieving most of your goals! Looks like you’ve had an amazing year! 🙂
    I’ve got a ton of goals for 2011- I don’t know where to begin! 😛

  12. AlisonM says:

    Lol at Sean Penn!

    I’m really interested in your move to veganism and back. I’m a life-long veggie (raised that way), and moved to trying out a vegan diet 3 months ago. There has been the odd (conscious) slip, but the more time goes on, the more it seems to be sticking. I don’t know if it’s something I want to do long term though, so I’m always interested when I find people who have moved between the 2.

    Goals? Ack. Get back running in some form or another. Finish my PhD. I need a Sean Penn substitute in my life! 😀

    • I’m actually planning a post about my switching between the two. From the beginning, I knew it wasn’t going to be long term… it can be really restrictive! Vegetarianism suits me better 🙂

      And good luck on your PhD! That is a huge accomplishment!!

  13. Peggy says:

    Damn that Sean Penn! You’re right, there’s always next year! I’m still contemplating my goals, but I definitely know I want to incorporate more meatless meals into our dinner routines!

  14. Great list. Not too bad and it sounds like you have plans to accomplish them. I want this to be a great year. I want to find something to do with myself that helps contribute to our family financially. I stayed home with my boys and then helped my husband with his career…now it is my turn. On the food front, I want to eat more seasonally and hopefully more locally this year. I am definitely going to work on my gardening skills too!

  15. nice list! i am still working on mine, but i am definetly going to try to cut back on sweets. sometimes i eat more dessert than REAL food, and that has got to change! 🙂

  16. Wow what a year! I can’t believe one goal was just to run a 5k and you did that and SO much more:) Congrats, girl!

  17. I am still trying to figure out my goals for 2011. I am not good at writing stuff like that down, but I guess I should because then I’d be more accountable for sure!
    Good luck to you in the New Years!
    PS, I second your love for Nutella, I love that stuff too 🙂

  18. I’ve never been a big nutella person but I don’t think you should have to give it up completely haha although I know some people who are so super obsessed with it haha. Happy happy New Year!

  19. Heather R says:

    Good progress on your goals! I didn’t set any last year, but I did set some for 2011 I’m excited to get started on them, especially the one to take a vacation somehwere I’ve never been. Happy New Year!

  20. wow thats awesome that a 5k lead to a marathon!! that is simply amazing 🙂

  21. Hannah says:

    I’ve never really made resolutions or goals at the New Year… this year, I think I’d just like to commit to treating/taking care of myself better 🙂 Loved the Nutella story – that’s how I am with peanut butter, but I simply can’t bring myself to stop having endless jars of it in the pantry. I really shouldn’t admit how much peanut butter I ate with a spoon when I got home from my New Year’s party at 3:30am this morning… 😛

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