Running Music and Rainy Sundays

Another late night and early morning! I didn’t fall asleep until past 1 this morning, and was wide awake at 7:45. Actually, that’s really late for me! I couldn’t fall back asleep, but I had no energy to go to the gym early, like I planned. Instead, I made myself wheat bran apple pancakes topped with peanut flour butter and warm apples. No picture, which is just as well because they were a little burned well done 🙂

Before I worked out, I had banana soft serve with a special ingredient on top… cashew butter! My cousin gave us this for Christmas. A few months ago, we were all at a grocery store in Arizona that had a ‘grind your own nut butter’ station. We were able to sample all of them- almond butter, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, and cashew butter. I wasn’t a fan of the cashew butter at all. The texture was off and I thought it was tasteless. My cousin used honey roasted cashews and added a little bit more honey, and the taste is amazing! I can honestly say this is the best nut butter I’ve ever had.

I finally managed to drag myself to the gym some time before noon. Now that I have clear fitness goals, I feel like I have a purpose when I’m at the gym. I decided today would be a strength training day, and only planned for 30 minutes of cardio. I ended up doing an easy hour on the elliptical, as well as some weight machines. Not only am I sore from my run yesterday, I’m in pain! The left side of the back of my calf hurts, and so does my hip. I know better than to run with any injuries, so I’m going to wait them out and hope they go away with rest.

I came home and made myself a quick lunch-

That would be one cup of egg product (I know, I know… but it’s cheaper!) I think the reason I haven’t been feeling as full lately is because I haven’t been eating enough protein. I used to eat beans and tofu every day, which are a great vegan source of protein. Now that I can eat eggs again, I’ve been having them more often. Mixed with spinach and kabocha, this lunch had 32 grams of protein!

Instead of pumpkin yogurt, I mixed Fiber One with some apple yogurt I found on clearance at Target. To be honest, it didn’t taste any different than the pumpkin flavor I had from there. I guess fake foods all taste the same when one of the ingredients is ‘apple cobbler flavor.’

My dinner involved two things that have been notably absent from my diet- quinoa and black beans!

I mixed quinoa with green onions, cilantro, and a little plain yogurt and put it over spinach and black beans. I was really burned out on quinoa for a while when I was vegan because I would eat it every single day. After a hiatus, I’m loving it again!

Speaking of running (were we? We are now!) I thought I share my favorite. When I started running last year, the only decent music I had on my iPod was Styx’s greatest hits. (Long story- my parents used my iPod all the time and deleted all of my music on it and I couldn’t figure out how to put music back on!) Now, every time I hear one of their songs, I’m instantly transported to one of my earliest runs.

I spent a ton of time coming up with a playlist for my half marathon and full marathon. ‘Suite Judy Blue Eyes’ was playing as I crossed the finish line at the half, and literally two seconds later, my iPod took its last breath and said goodbye to the cruel world. I’d like to think it wasn’t ready to run that far yet 🙂 I honestly don’t remember what song was playing when I finished the marathon. I was too tired to see straight, and definitely wasn’t focusing on the music!

I had to use my sister’s iPod for the marathon, who majorly judges the music I listen to. I normally like classic rock, like Pink Floyd, or something more mellow, like Joan Baez, on an everyday basis. But when I run, I need something catchy! I’m not too proud to admit that any running playlist I’ve made is almost entirely cheesy 80’s music. Hey, when you’re running for almost five hours, you need some seriously upbeat music! Sorry, Bob Dylan. You know you’re my favorite, but there’s no room for you on my marathon playlists.

Without further ado, here’s my top ten favorite running songs in no particular order:

  • ‘Mr. Roboto’ by Styx. My cousin and I had an impromptu sing along in the car on the way to the marathon, so this has fond memories for me 🙂
  • ‘Boys of Summer’ by Don Henley. I also like the version by The Ataris, but nothing beats the original.
  • ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson. I heard this at mile 3 of the marathon, and even though it’s slow, I love it.
  • ‘Land Down Under’ by Men at Work. This also makes an awesome karaoke song!
  • ‘Baba O’Riley’ by the Who. Do I even need to explain how amazing this song is?
  • ‘Renegade’ by Styx. Color me nostalgic, but this song reminds me of when I first started running 🙂
  • ‘If and When We Rise Again’ by Streetlight Manifesto. My friend, who introduced me to this band, said he was listening to this song when he was learning to drive and his mom was in the car with him. It starts out slow and gets louder and faster, and apparently so did his speed! The same thing happens when I run. You can’t help but run faster when the song picks up.
  • ‘Right Now’ by Van Halen. This has been the first song on my playlists for both long races, and it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it!
  • Pretty much any show tune. I love me a good musical number! Anything from Tarzan, especially. Stop judging me, I love Disney movies!

My number one song is ‘Jump that Rock’ by Scooter vs. Status Quo. I hadn’t even heard of it until the summer, when my mom started doing Jazzercise. Apparently they do a routine to this song, and she loved it so much she found out who sang it and played it for me. I put this song on my marathon playlist three times- it’s THAT good!

What are your favorite running songs? I’m always looking for new inspiration!

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57 Responses to Running Music and Rainy Sundays

  1. kat says:

    LOVE boys of summer!! I prefer the ataris version when I’m working out simply because its a faster and more upbeat version but I love the original too!!

  2. Emily says:

    what a great running playlist! my is so childish… I believe I was listening to a High School Musical song at one point today during my walk/run, haha.

    OMG I LOVE BLACK BEANS! I was just telling someone the other day, if I could live off of black beans and rice from chipotle with nothing else for the rest of my life, I would be soooooo happy 🙂

  3. Erica D says:

    My school puts on a dance festival each semester, and this year I fell in love with the very last number of the Bollywood dance. It’s called “Desi Girl” by Shankar Mahadevan. Sunidhi Chauhan, and Vishal Dadlani. I smile through all 5 minutes of it when I run!

  4. ciaotochow says:

    I’ve never tried different nut butters, so your post really makes me think I need to try almond butter & cashew butter ASAP – which was your fave of the 2 so I know where to start? 🙂 P.S. lovveee tarzan songs! My iPod recently reached capacity (I know), so today I spent some time editing my music…definitely kept “you’ll be in my heart” on there. Woot woot!

    • If it’s store bought, I prefer almond butter, because store bought cashew butter doesn’t compare to the kind my cousin made me! I would start with almond butter… it’s life changing 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only Tarzan lover… that song is SO GOOD!

  5. I really like Taylor Swift Should’ve Said No and Better than Revenge!
    Don’t hate.
    I love T-Swift!

  6. Waka Flaka No Hands. Give that one a try!

  7. Jess says:

    I’ve had cashew butter I didn’t like, either! Thanks for the suggestion:)

  8. I love cashew butter! It’s even better when it’s grilled in a sandwich with blueberry jam. 🙂 Rainy days are the BEST, btw. They make me so happy. 🙂

  9. Hannah says:

    I know pretty much every Disney lyric by heart. And Dreamworks. And a lot of Broadway, too (bring on the Sondheim).

    Son of man look to the sky, lift you spirit set it free… 😛

    I would also like to steal your entire day of eats. And clearly, cashew butter has to be next on my homemade nut butter list!

  10. AlisonM says:

    I hope you get your sleep pattern back on track soon. Not getting enough rest sucks 😦

    Funny that you say that about quinoa — I’ve also been getting burnout! I should mix things up a bit. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. love, love, LOVE the Who! Baba O’Riley is on my running list too! (hahaha, that totally rhymed :))

  12. Great running music! Mr. Roboto always makes me laugh because I took a “Theater Movement” class in college and my midterm was doing a choreographed robot dance to Mr. Roboto (I kid you not). *grins* Great song.

  13. Haha I will totally eat the same thing for dinner like 3 weeks in a row, and then not eat it again for like a month. I love quinoa and beans though! Maybe I’ll make that tonight… 🙂

  14. ~Jessica~ says:

    That pic of the banana soft serve looks too delicious to be legal.

    My favourite running song is the Jason Nevins remix of ‘Almost Over Now,’ hence the title of my blog:

    They play that Status Quo remix all the time in spin ~ you must have a good ear for a beat 🙂

  15. Peggy says:

    Ahh what a great playlist! And Bobby D is my fave too, and I actually HAVE run to him before – not too bad! But I think I listen to more Indie Rock when I run, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s are GREAT for running!

    • I’ve listened to Bob Dylan before on a run, but his songs are so quiet in comparison to the rest, I can hardly hear him over my breathing! I actually put Lay, Lady, Lay on my playlist… can’t go wrong with that!

  16. Brenna says:

    There are no black beans in France! I miss them so much; when I worked at a Brazilian restuarant this summer, everyday I had black beans and rice for dinner. So simple yet so good!

    I just ate Nutella on a spoon…

  17. My favourite running song at the mo (it changes a lot!) is Mr Brightside by The Killers. Awesome beat! Every good running song has a good beat IMO!

  18. runyogarepeat says:

    I love quinoa! My running playlists are filled with fast, catchy songs. My all-time favorite running song is Til You Collapse by Eminem – it’s such a great motivator.

  19. greekmelie says:

    Great running list! I still don’t have one. I lost all of my music in a hard drive crash some months ago and some how I have not yet bought a single song. I go with Pandora.

  20. I love boys of summer! That’s one of my fav songs.

    The banana soft serve looks SO good! Now I just need to remember to make it.

  21. love your songs! i love anything from tinie Tempah or black eyed peas! i also LOVE cashew butter- on top of nanner soft serve sounds perf!

  22. I love just about anything on the Lady Gage CD, especially her song “Just Dance.” Her music is so catchy and great for running.

  23. Try listening to Glee! Always gets me pumped up 😉

  24. Banana soft serve and cashew butter? I think I just died-that sounds incredible!!!!!
    My fav running song??? Hm-the only one I can think of that I sing out loud is “come baby come” how funny is that?! I usually listen to hard rock/alternative bc it yells at me so I run faster, but i’ve thrown a few good 90’s rap/pop music classics in too, haha!

  25. I looove anything by BEP!

  26. My taste in music evolved a little when I started to “up” the running (aka need for workout music). A little more upbeat is necessary- thank goodness roommates at the time were into dance music and hip hop…

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    • Lady says:

      Nice Blog! Congrats on your big running accomplishments this year 🙂

      Tempo is sooo important in running music. I think we’ll be seeing more music crafted specifically with running in mind in the future. Longer tracks for long runs, coaching, more styles.

      I’ve tried Audiofuel too. It’s pretty great. For some stateside artists with more of a rock edge also look into

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