Getting Organized, Part Deux

If this post publishes when I tell it to, I should be in Las Vegas! Obviously, I am going to be drinking and gambling the whole time, so I won’t update about the trip until Tuesday. Just kidding- I don’t have a laptop so I can’t update yet! 🙂

I thought I would pre-write a post about how I’ve been getting more organized- one of my 2011 goals. I’m happy to say that my room is pretty much PERFECTLY organized!

After a marathon trip to Ikea, I picked up a new bedside table / organization unit. Before, I was using a long, low bookshelf that I had to lay on its side and served no real function. I used it to store notebooks and other school supplies. It was tiny!

I put this together myself, with a little help from my mom. Yes, I am very proud of this 🙂

It went from this…

To this…

And finally…

Please excuse the horrible lighting, but here it is in all its glory! The two top shelves will be used for school books and such when school starts. Right now, we’re keeping pictures that need to be hung up in the top left, and flowers and a little calendar in the top right. The bottom left box holds most of my aprons- I have a crazy huge collection! It’s kind of inconvenient to have them upstairs, but there’s no room for them in the kitchen. The bottom right box holds all of my craft supplies, not including my fabric. That has a home on a shelf above my book shelves 🙂

I am in love with this print! My sister gave it to me for our birthday a few months ago. It needs to be hung!

Right now, this monstrosity is taking up too much space on a focal point on the wall.

At least I found a spot for my race bibs and medals! I still haven’t gotten my medal for the 10k I did in December, so that will hopefully be up there soon. There’s a gap on the board- I need to sign up for a race 🙂

Last but not least- and probably the most important! My parents gave all of us kids ‘the gift of organization’ for Christmas, which turned out to be little file cabinets for all of our important papers. I spent an hour or so going through bank statements, old school papers, test results, blah blah blah, and organized them all! I feel like an adult now… sort of.

I created separate files for old report cards, school work / information, healthcare, old paycheck stubs, bank information, taxes, travel documents, an old 401k account, and drivers insurance info. I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief this is to have all of this stuff organized and accessible.

I’ve already asked you guys a question about organization, so my question for today will be-

Any crazy Vegas stories? I have plenty- like the time my sister and I ate peanut butter M&Ms, watched a movie and fell asleep early while my parents hit the casinos 🙂 What did I tell you? I’m crazy!

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60 Responses to Getting Organized, Part Deux

  1. I LOVE Peanut butter MnM’s! they were my favorite back in the days where I could eat chocolate!

    Please. Oh please KATE. I am begging you to come and organize my room.

  2. ahahahahah i dont have any crazy vegas stories, but that one is pretty hilarious!! i LOVE organizing!

  3. ~Jessica~ says:

    Sadly I have never been to Vegas!

    But this post has inspired me to at least attempt to tidy up my study…which looks as though a bomb has gone off in it at present. Sooo many piles of books, so little time…


  4. OMG–love your “Keep Calm and Bake On” print!

    No crazy Vegas stories for me. I was only 20 at the time so I couldn’t really do anything. :/ And of course halfway into the trip I got major food poisoning and was down for the count for the last 3 days. I’m hoping to go back with my bffffffs soon though!

  5. Emily says:

    I want that keep calm, bake on! poster 🙂

    I need to organize my room very badly. Its clean and clothes are not thrown everywhere which is a major accomplishment, but I definitely need to go through old school papers and my bookshelf.

    I wish I had an ikea close by my house ::sigh::

  6. emily says:

    great job with your ikea bookcase. i am unfortunately horrible at building things, and all the ikea furniture i have ever built hasn’t turned out very well. 🙂

    the gift of organization sounds like something my parents would give! one year, they bought my sister and i luggage and a personality test. haha.

  7. I LOVE VEGAS! I hope you have a great time!

    I have some hilarious Vegas stories. Andy and I had a joint bachelor/bachelorette party there. We stayed at the MGM and partied in their lazy river. Some frat dudes were in there dressed like Elvis. It was so bizarre and hilarious. Imagine 20 guys with Elvis wigs and sunglasses.

  8. Haha funny! I’ve never been to Vegas…must go! 😀

  9. Where did you find the “keep calm bake on” print? I really want a “keep calm run around” print but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere!

  10. Hooray for organization!! 🙂

  11. Lisa says:

    I feel like the only person in the world that hasn’t been to Vegas! But have a great time and party it up!

  12. I love when i feel organized!!! So often I am trying to catch up! Ive been to Vegas but i wouldn’t say i had any crazyyyyyy stories! It’s a great place to visit i have a few friends that live there not sure how they do it.

  13. Love the new Ikea buy! And I also love the Keep Calm print – I really reallyyyy want one!! Have fun in Vegas love 🙂

  14. Errign says:

    I am a total nerd about being organized, I just love it!

    Never been to Vegas, but I hope you have tons of fun 🙂

  15. I am horrific when it comes to putting together furniture… lol. Ikea is like my worst enemy.
    I hope you have a good time in Vegas! I clearly don’t have any stories yet, but by the end of summer I will… 🙂

  16. Best organization principle for me: Get rid of some stuff! Except my books, of course. Those are non-negotiable. =)
    Never been to Vegas. Have a great time!

  17. Monica says:

    Ok, I love reading posts about health, but I especially love love love posts about organization! I am Monica Gellar’s long lost twin. Oh, just the part about the filing cabinet made my heart flutter.

    You have such cute stuff to decorate with.

    Yes, there are many many crazy Vegas stories. I don’t know what happens every time I go there, but I lose all sense of time and reality. Haha. Have fun!

  18. Actually, that trip to Vegas sounds like my kind of party! If I ever went, I’d probably end up doing the same thing:)

  19. Erika says:

    I am SO unorganized. This post makes me feel like I should get organized too. (Not gonna happen though…Haha.) 😉

  20. OliePants says:

    Can I just say that I’m so jealous of your organization skills! I need to be on that like now! Geez my office and home office are a disaster area!

    As for crazy Vegas stories – I squeezed Mike Tyson’s butt! I saw him at a club and something just compelled me I tell ya! I don’t really like him though… tis an experience nonetheless.

  21. You just reminded me how bad I need to organize! I went to Vegas with my mom and we saw some shows and gambled a bit but nothing too crazy, looks like you and I are just party animals!!

  22. Can’t wait to hear all about Vegas! I’m sure you’re having a blast!

  23. I’ve been in an organizing spree, too! And the only crazy Vegas story I have was running head on into the window at the Luxor because I didn’t think that the inside of the windows would be tilted, too..but they are. Other than that, my Vegas trip was pretty tame being that I was 10 and couldn’t even walk through the casinos lmho

  24. Ikea is like a dream come true when I’m on the prowl for help in the organization department 🙂 Have fun in Vegas! I’ve never been there, but I have no doubt it’s a fun place to vacation~

  25. AlisonM says:

    Oh man, I would love to be that organised! And I would love to be in Vegas right now! 😀

    Hope you have a great time, and look forward to the crazy stories when you’re back 😉

  26. I love your little shelves! They are so cute! 🙂

  27. Kat says:

    I’ve actually never been to Vegas – I hope you have such a wonderful time, lady!

    p.s. LOVE the Bib Board. Such a good idea! I’ve been struggling with what to do with all of that stuff.

  28. BrittFit says:

    I’ver never been to vegas but I would LOVE to go one day and have some crazy stories haha … HOWEVER I do love your wall hanging

  29. I love the print, I love the shelves! They look great!

    I hope you have a GREAT time in Vegas! Such fun!

  30. I love organizing! I’m a “a place for everything and everything in its place” girl! When I got my first filing cabinet, it took nearly a week to get it just the way I wanted it! Lol

    My Vegas story is even better! I sat on the couch eating popcorn and WATCHING What Stays in Vegas and Hangover in my living room! Yep, that’s the closest I’ve ever been to Sin City! 😦 I really need to get out more!

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