Bye, January!

I know I say this at the end of every month… but seriously, WHERE has January gone? Wasn’t it just Halloween? I actually wrote September 31, 2007 on a paper today. Three problems- it’s January, there are only 30 days in September… and it is definitely 2011.

Maybe it was a lack of sleep? I was up at 5 to get my workout out of the way this morning. I don’t work or have a night class on Mondays, so I could wait until after school to do it… but I’m so glad I just got it over with! After 60 minutes on the elliptical (didn’t want to get too sweaty!) I called it quits and got ready for class.

I knew I would have an early morning, so last night, I made my breakfast in advance.

I mixed quinoa, ricotta cheese, maple syrup, and dried cherries in some Tupperware for easy transportation. This was surprisingly delicious!

I also packed lunch, because I was on campus until 3. I brought a sandwich thin filled with leftover roasted eggplant and the spinach hummus I made last week, with a little fresh spinach in there as well. For not having any cheese or tomato sauce, it tasted like pizza! Not complaining. Yum!

I also brought cherries and grapes. I bought red grapes because they were cheaper, and while I don’t like them as much as green, they were good. They actually taste like grape flavored things- or should I say grape flavored things taste like these?

I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home!

Well, it wasn’t waiting for me… but I scoured my garage and found the can of pumpkin I was missing! I know I could buy some more (and I plan on it) but the fact that I knew I had a can lurking somewhere was bothering me!

I had my new favorite snack- a chocolate Vitatop, Greek yogurt, and pumpkin.

Followed by an old favorite- apple with peanut flour butter.

I also had some strawberries. So juicy, so delicious!

Dinner was squash with feta and maple syrup. Easy, lazy dinner 🙂

Since it’s the the last day of September January, I thought I would check in with the goals I made a month ago and see how I’m doing.

Make health my priority. I give myself a B on this one. I haven’t binge eaten in exactly a month (YAY!) but I’ve been really bad about drinking water. As in, drinking one cup some days, even on exercise days. Not good! But, I’ve majorly cut back on junk and have definitely been eating better than I was over the holidays.

Make an exercise plan. Also a B. I’ve been neglecting strength training. I got in a session on Sunday, but I haven’t been doing it nearly as often as I should. Also, I haven’t done speedwork for a while. I’m planning on doing it tomorrow. Just putting it out there so I’ll actually do it 🙂

PR in a race. Not applicable because I haven’t raced yet! I do have a 5k coming up next month, but I don’t think I’ll PR, and I’m okay with that.

Work on my organization skills. I’ll give myself an A on this one 🙂 I did two things I’ve always procrastinated on- organizing my drawers and filing my important papers. I’ve also been working on organizing my things for school the night before- laying out clothes, making meals the night before, etc. I almost feel like an adult! Key word being almost.

Spend more time in the kitchen. A-. I haven’t made anything particularly labor intensive, but I’ve created a few simple recipes and even found new ways to eat veggies!

Do one thing that scares me. Well, it’s only been a month since I’ve made that goal- there’s still time to go sky diving 🙂

Continue blogging. I think I’ve blogged almost every day of January, so I think I deserve a good grade 🙂

I’m going to make a few goals for February that deserve their own post tomorrow.

How are your New Year’s goals (if you made any) coming along?

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90 Responses to Bye, January!

  1. Jess says:

    I can’t believe it’s February, either- it’s crazy! Good job with your goals!

  2. I really don’t like “wishing away” time, but January is a month I’m always happy to see go- it only leads to winter doldrums. Granted, there’s a snow storm on the way, but February is month where you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and spring is just around the corner. 🙂

  3. I’ve been seeing quinoa for breakfast more and more these days. Have you seen the quinoa porridge recipe on Choosing Raw? I’ve never done quinoa for breakfast but I really want to after all these posts!

  4. Yes! for sure continue blogging! =) You always have such interesting food combinations! I love it!

  5. It seems as though January has flown by as fast as is came. I can barely believe that tomorrow is Feburary — Valentine’s Day, here we come! 🙂

  6. Danielle says:

    I agree with Jenn L- your food combinations usually seem odd to me when I first see them, but the more I think about them, the more intriguing they are.
    Great job on your goals! I’ve made this year the year of the mini-goals, so thus far they’ve been going pretty well. Good luck, and please keep blogging!

  7. Alaina says:

    Well I’m definitely not exercising as much as I wanted to. Haven’t even attempted yoga yet. But I am getting more adventurous in the kitchen! And I’ve finally used my food processor. 🙂

    Congrats on your goals!!

    • I LOVE my food processor. I don’t know what I would do without it! One of my New Year’s goals was to go to cycling or yoga once a week, but I haven’t been to yoga once either! I’m hopefully going tonight 🙂

  8. Gina says:

    I love VitaTops, I just wish they were gluten free!

  9. Great job with your goals! My goals are going pretty well…. I think. 😉

  10. Jessica says:

    Great job on your January goals! For some reason, January seemed to drag on for me. I think I’m doing pretty well on my New Year’s goals – I’ve kept up with my half marathon training and I’ve only had soda a few days this month. I’m not doing so well on the flossing though – more like every other day :-/

  11. I just got done posting just about the same thing as you! And I almost titled it the same! Haha! You crack me up! September 31, 2007?!?! Did you bump your head?

    Your breakfast looks tasty. I always forget about ricotta! Must give this a try!

    I think I’m doing well with my goals so far. A little room for improvement, but definitely a good start to the year! January has been good to me!

  12. My new year’s resolution was to return to more of my spontaneous, fun-loving self sans insecurities and while I’m still struggling on occasion I think I’m headed in the right direction… I’ve definitely been getting out more! 🙂

    and my secondary goal was to learn to write 2011 before the end of january. i’ve actually been really good. though i will say I was still writing 2009 in like… October. Sigh. 😉

    time flies! (I’m getting old!)

  13. Kristina says:

    I’m refocusing on clean eating instead of cutting foods out (too hard, and not fair!)

  14. I have only one can of pumpkin left that I’m sort of hoarding at this point. I can’t find it anywhere other than the pricey organic at WFs.

  15. Emily says:

    I can’t believe January is over and it is February 1st!

    I’m glad you found your can of pumpkin 🙂

    My new year’s goals are actually going pretty well! I think because I didn’t set my standards too high and I set goals that I can progressively work on all year. Yayyy for blogging every day… I am obviously a bit more sporadic with my blogging lol

  16. Wow up at 5 for your workout! Dedicated!! 😛

    Well done on making such awesome progress with your goals! I’m sure by the end of the year you’ll have acheieved everything 🙂

  17. Peggy says:

    January did seem to fly by, didn’t it? I think I’ve been doing pretty good on my resolutions so far… I’m still keeping up with making our own bread every week (we bought hot dogs buns, but I figure that was okay, I’ll make them eventually though!)

  18. greekmelie says:

    Time sure flies by! I can’t believe is February already! By the way happy new month! 🙂

  19. Seriously! I can’t believe January is already over!! I was doing great on my new years goals (I don’t really make resolutions) but just this past weekend, I was out of town and fell off the horse a little bit….Carrot cake, diet coke and no exercise what-so-ever 😦 Oh well, today is a new day, and a new month at that! Moving onward and upward! haha

  20. youve done well! and yes on the binge eating.. i havent either in a while and it feels SO GOOD, right?… !

  21. OliePants says:

    January went by super fast and I am looking forward to February! I have to say that I’m doing okay with the NY goals! I can always improve on the exercise but I have to say that it’s still getting done! 🙂

  22. I think you have done well this month! Ya gotta give yourself credit for improving right? I am doing better with not getting stressed about the small stuff. Hopefully I will continue to improve on this!

  23. Jenny says:

    Lol I had a vitatop in my oats today. Too funny 😀

  24. Monica says:

    Way to go on your goals!

    Mine are definitely coming along, one one week completely derailed my progress, but such is life. 🙂

  25. BrittFit says:

    new years goals ehhhh to keep doing what I’m doing but with more confidence! funny how when february hits everyone forgets all the resolutions they’ve made

  26. Olivia says:

    Your Quinoa looks so delicious, I’m going to try adding ricotta and dried cherries to mine tomorrow; that sounds so good! Also, you’re killing me with the Vitatops! I literally just went to my kitchen, got the Exact same vitatop-bowl as yours, only added almond butter to mine. Yums:)

  27. Great minds think alike! I just posted my 2011 goals hehe yes a little late I know 😉

  28. Kayla says:

    The VitaTop, greek yogurt and pumpkin combo looks divine! I must try it somtime!

  29. seriously, I can’t believe it’s February. I feel like life is flying by. Most of my New Year’s goals are fairly long-term, so i can’t really grade myself on anything yet. Never tried quinoa for breakfast, but that looks great!

  30. AlisonM says:

    I think not bingeing in a whole month cancels out the laxity with water! Good going 🙂

  31. runyogarepeat says:

    I was shocked it’s January too! Good job on your goals – I think you’ve been creative in the kitchen with your recipes. My goals are going well – I’ve actually started doing strength training and tried a new fitness class (spinning).

  32. That breakfast sounds fantastic!! I miss ricotta cheese… dang dairy intolerance! 🙂

  33. LOL at the date 😉

    I always wake up at 5 to get my work in regardless of whether I have the afternoon free. I like to get it out of the way and nap in the afternoon 😉

  34. January went by especially fast – as did December, November and October. Actually, wasnt it JUST summer?

  35. Hannah says:

    Well done with your challenges so far! I think a B grade is still pretty stellar, particularly when you’re doing so well with other goals 🙂

  36. Simply Life says:

    Great breakfast idea!

  37. Awesome work on the monthly goals! And your day of eats looks just delicious. I’m like you with the workout schedule–I squeeze my exercise in at 6am every morning…it’s too easy to put off if I wait til later in the day.

    Hope you have a great week 🙂

  38. Yay for your January goals! I like the resolve to do something that scares you….I’d love to put that on my list, but even the prospect of making that list is scary…..

  39. Kat says:

    My goal for this month is to work more veggies into my everyday eats. In the Spring/Summer/Fall I have no problem but January? I just tanked. I can’t wait to read your goals for February!

  40. inmytummy says:

    My New Years Resolution was to do more yoga. I’ve gone three times (I think) this year, so that’s pretty good.

  41. Awesome goals! Mine, blogging esp., are going well!

  42. Errign says:

    I love ricotta cheese!

    My goals are going okay, but I do need to step it up 🙂 Need to do more running & yoga & smiling & being happy!

  43. Sruthi says:

    You have done a good job with your goals.

  44. Hahaha! That’s such a random date to write down! Love it! I always have trouble remembering to write the new year down (so I’d write 2.2.2010 instead of 2.2.2011), but never that many years off, haha. Gotta love what lack of sleep can do to ya. 😉

    And great job on your goals so far! B’s are still good 🙂

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