Squashing My Cravings

There is nothing better than getting an e-mail before you go to bed saying that your first class has been canceled- especially when it’s math 🙂

Since my next class wasn’t until 10:15, I had time to go the gym before school and not wake up at the crack of dawn. I did 10 minutes on every machine until I hit an hour. I ran on the treadmill for 10 minutes and ran a sub- 8:00 minute mile! I got up to 9 miles an hour at one point- I was pretty sure I was going to fly off the machine!

I made Katie’s voluminous oatmeal last night before going to bed, and all I had to do was reheat it, add a little cocoa powder, top it with some ricotta, and breakfast was done!

I’m pretty sure this recipe was made for someone like me that likes to eat as much as possible in one sitting. I couldn’t believe how HUGE this bowl was! I normally eat salads out of that bowl- look how full it was!

Lunch was eaten in my car on the way to Costco! Nothing special- just a sandwich and two clementines. I got a ton of stuff at Costco, including apples (I was all out! How does that happen?!) and almond butter! It was only five bucks for a huge jar- my mom is going to be very happy 🙂

I also restocked on Vitatops and strawberries, and had to include them in my snack.

Perfect combination.

I was watching the Food Network a few days ago, and came across the show The Best Thing I Ever Ate. That got me thinking about what the best thing I’ve ever eaten was. I have no clue what it is- but I can tell you that my dinner was probably the best thing I’ve eaten in recent memory!

If there was a The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Squash, I would definitely talk about this dish. Y’all know I’m a huge kabocha fan, but this butternut squash was not to be believed! I made Carrie’s best roasted butternut squash combo, and words cannot describe how good this was. I know I say that about everything… but seriously.

This tastes like pumpkin pie! I used maple syrup instead, and the combination of sweet squash, maple syrup, tofu, pumpkin pie spice and peanut flour butter was out of this world.

The only bad thing about eating the entire squash is no leftovers! I guess I’ll have to buy some more 🙂

My dinner was nice and sweet, but dessert was essential! This was inspired by Bobby Flay.

I saw him make a root beer float this morning and I happened to have both vanilla ice cream and diet root beer at home. Makes me feel like a kid again 🙂

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten lately?

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100 Responses to Squashing My Cravings

  1. Alaina says:

    I saw that show too! They were featuring nuts and Wolfgang puck was talking about almond macarons. He was so cute!!! 😛

    One of the best dishes I ever had was chestnut ravioli with pulled duck at an Italian restaurant in Boston. Oh.My. It was heaven on a plate! And it’s seasonal, so it becomes very elusive.

  2. One thing? Definitely my Almond Joy Pizzert Babies!!! 😀 Here’s a link if you want to check them out. 🙂


  3. sophia says:

    I recently had this miso-braised eggplant that was like candy…so, so, SO good!

  4. I kind of love that you made a root beer float! I haven’t had one in a long time but now I’m craving it!

  5. Heather says:

    The lobster tail I had on V-Day. Haven’t had it in ages, and it was so, so good with warm, melty butter!

  6. Jess says:

    ah I love bobby flay and canceled classes:)
    i don’t eat that much good food on campus, but valentines dinner probably takes the cake!

  7. Hahaha that’s the same quesiton I asked! 🙂 Well I just made some PB cookies and they were kind of awesome. I always seem to make pb cookies.. probably because it’s cheaper than getting actual butter… but anyways. I rather enjoyed my stuffed peppers I made this evening as well!

    I wish I had bnut squash though 😦

  8. Priyanka says:

    I think the cupcakes I made recently were definitely the best thing I ate. Actually I am enjoying one as I type!

  9. Casey says:

    Cancelled classes are the best. They’re even better when they’re cancelled the day before 🙂

  10. I ate a sweet potato with some avocado on top for lunch… best meal of the day for sure! 🙂

  11. Hannah says:

    Oooh! I have half a butternut in my fridge right now! ‘Course, can’t get peanut flour here, but pb will suffice 🙂 Also, I’ve been craving a float lately!!

  12. greekmelie says:

    I have never eaten a root beer float. As time goes by, I realize that there are tons of traditional american foods I have never tried. Will you believe it that I’ve never eaten red velvet cupcake for example? But I did finally manage to cut up the kabocha thingy on my counter and roasted in in the oven with honey and cinnamon and it was amazing! The best thing I ate lately! 🙂

  13. I love butternut squash! I ate a whole (little) one yesterday … I only meant to eat half, but I couldn’t stop 🙂

  14. AHH YAY for your squash!!!!!! the best thing about making it is that not only does your house smell SO FREAKING TASTY but THE ACTUAL dish is SO FREAKING TASTY.. deffos making this again tonight… i need mah SQUASH FIX!!! so glad you enjoyed!

  15. Kath (My Funny Little Life) says:

    I wish almond butter was that affordable here! But you can only get it in a whole food market, and a small 8 oz glass costs around 7-10 Euro. 😯 (This is why I’ve started to make it myself.)

    The squash looks wonderful! I haven’t had nutternut squash in a while (I’m also a kabocha girl), but this looks fantastic! 😀

  16. Ahh your oats look gorgeous-licious!! And lol, what a fun dinner! You’re too cute :).

  17. I think our V-day dinner was really darn good. I wish someone would email me and tell me my first few hours of work were canceled 😉

  18. Mmmm..squash-you always have yummy eats! And yay for class being cx I remember what a relief “what am I going to do with myself?!”

  19. If I could feel like I ate pumpkin pie for dinner, I would be a very happy lady!

  20. Hmmm…my dinner last night was pretty good. I tried a new tofu recipe. 😀

  21. Yum! Are those viatops actually healthy? I keep hearing about them…

  22. Emily says:

    I only wish my 8:45 class was cancelled this morning… I’m soooo tired. Ugh, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the longest day ever because I’m on campus from 8:30 till 5:30 😦

    The best thing I’ve eaten recently? Probably all of the baking I did the past week… which also is making me want to go on a serious sugar detox. Red Velvet Cupcakes and Cookie Dough truffles are wonderful, but not when you eat 50 of them, haha (I’m kinding… sort of 😉 )

  23. Jenny says:

    Well I just woke up so my breakfast was my only meal but it was still delicious and prob my best meal of the day anyways

  24. paijery says:

    That squash looks SO FREAKING GOOD!! I wish we could get peanut flour here!!
    Best thing I’ve eaten lately is my pineapple lentil pita pizza 😀

  25. runyogarepeat says:

    That sounds like a great workout – I love switching between machines for variety, and time goes by faster than sticking to one machine for an hour. Hm, I’d have to say the baked eggs & veggies dish I had last night at a restaurant – it was all local & sustainable food too!

  26. oh that all looks so good! I had a cauliflower dish with pesto, pine nuts and raisins at a restaurant the other day and it was amazing. I’m going to try to re-create it in my kitchen this weekend!

  27. Yay for a canceled class! How exciting!

    Best thing I’ve eaten lately would definitely be the applesauce cake I made for Christopher for Valentine’s… yum! 🙂

  28. Ohh I don’t know why I haven’t tried her voluminous oatmeal yet! I love huge bowls of delicious food 😉 hehe and it looks great!

  29. I’ve actually never had kabocha squash before, but I see it around the blogosphere all the time. I really need to find and try it!

  30. What a wonderfully productive morning!

  31. Best thing I have had lately are the chocolate balls that I made for Valentine’s day! I am actually hiding them from my children at this point so that I can enjoy the last ones.

  32. OliePants says:

    Okay I might be the only one but I do not like root beer. I have tried every which way but I hate it!

    I have to say that my new obsession is cilantro pesto for sandwich spreads!

  33. Erika says:

    I love how you always have healthy-ish swaps for typical cravings. One the best things I ate this week would probably be the Inside-Out Peanut Butter Cup Cake I blogged about last week. So yummy! 😀

  34. Pizza is always the best thing I’ve eaten lately. Come to think of it, I haven’t actually had any pizza lately. I’ll have to rectify this oversight.

  35. AlisonM says:

    The dinner I ate was pretty awesome, because I was STARVING from coming home late from the gym. Stirfried veggies, adzuki beans n houmous.

    And yaay to math being cancelled!

  36. Amanda says:

    I love root beer floats so much. That looks delicious! I have been craving one so much.

  37. I’m totally drooling. Yum! The butternut squash bowl of yumminess is a must to make! Ah! And those oats… yum! Best thing I’ve eaten in the last few days… my BBQ Baked Salmon (Cup)cakes! (with Dijon Hummus) omg SO GOOD. 🙂

  38. The best thing I’ve eaten lately was a BBQ chicken quesadilla. OMG that was good.

  39. I had almond butter on sweet potatoes before and really it was like heaven…much like I imagine your squash with that velvety concoction was! YUM! I need to try Katie’s oat…I always forget to make them the night before.

  40. I LOVE roasted butternut squash–so savory and tasty, with a hint of sweet 🙂 And I’m totally intrigued by these voluminous oats–I checked out the recipe and I’m definitely interested in trying this. I’d definitely go for the cocoa powder and a dollop of PB to go with it!

    Have a great weekend!

  41. Peggy says:

    I love Best Thing I Ever Ate! I’d have to say that the Mango I had for lunch was the best thing I’ve had lately! It really hit the spot and was perfectly juicy!

  42. Kat says:

    Probably an entire bar of chocolate for sure. Because when you’re up to that, it isn’t about “healthy” it’s about “love.” 😉

  43. I LOVE root beer floats!! They were an integral part of my childhood 🙂 Lately I’ve been loving pancakes and cookies – comforting carbs, I guess!

  44. What is up?! I swear I’ve seen some form of pumpkin (oats, smoothie, etc.) on at least 3 different blogs today!

  45. I definately buy the same things at Costco.
    I love the Food Network and especially that show.
    As for the best thing I ate recently… the pumpkin cinnamon roll I just finished! Yum

  46. Allison says:

    Omg root beer floats sound amazing right now! I think the best thing I’ve ate lately was the loaded sweet potato I had it was too good!

  47. Best thing I’ve eaten lately was that squash! I loved it and I can’t wait to make it again!

    Mmm, I love huge bowls of oats! Yours looks fabulous!

  48. I love the best thing I ever ate show!

    The number one thing I had was a lobster roll from Neptune Oyster in Boston. So.freaking.good.

  49. Gina says:

    Hmm, I don’t even know the best thing I’ve eaten lately. This needs to change ASAP!

  50. Monica says:

    That show always makes me so darn hungry! That would be a hard thing to select though, I don’t think I could come up with an answer for the best thing I have ever eaten.

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