Water, Water, Everywhere

Thank GOD it’s Thursday! Three hours of work tomorrow stand between me and the weekend. Too bad it will be filled with homework!

I had my alarm set for 5 a.m. to go to cycling this morning, but I wasn’t feeling up to it because of the slight pain that is still present in my legs. Instead, I took it easy and stuck to an hour on the elliptical.

More time to enjoy breakfast!

Voluminous oat bran with peanut butter and Kashi Go Lean Crunch. SUCH a good addition! I normally don’t have anything crunchy in my oats, so this was a great topping.

Lunch was kabocha, eggs, and a new hummus I found at Fresh and Easy- lemon cilantro. I think I’ve found a new favorite hummus. It tastes like the rice at Chipotle! I am not kidding. Must…recreate…immediately.

I also bought pumpkin yesterday! Yogurt just ain’t the same without pumpkin and cinnamon Cheerios. I used the last of mine today. Rest in peace, Cheerios- may you go on sale very, very soon!

Apple with chocolate PB after lunch-

And tofu chocolate mousse with cookies for a snack! Geez, you would think I had a major sweet tooth or something…

I tried to balance out the sweets with a tofu / bean / spinach salad that I brought to work. Unfortunately, I was so full from my snacks that I never ate it! IT was one of those days when sugar > vegetables. It happens.

Not pictured- a few spoonfuls of batter and frosting. We celebrated my friend’s birthday tonight, and I made cupcakes!

Since once of my weekly goals is to drink 64 oz of water a day, I’ve been chugging water all day. Unfortunately, I had one of those ‘too much too soon’ moments and spent ten frantic minutes at work praying for my co-worker to come back so I could pee! There’s a reason I try to space out my water consumption throughout the day, and that will always be known as the ‘Copenhagen Incident.’

The last time I was in Europe, I was on a cruise ship with a friend. The day we disembarked, I filled up my huge water bottle and drank as much water as I could to avoid having to buy a disposable bottle of water before we flew to Rome.

Two hours after we got off the ship, I was innocently admiring the statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen with my friend when I was suddenly hit with that oh my god I really have to pee all of a sudden urge.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: ‘I really have to pee all of a sudden- can we find a bathroom?’

Friend: ‘Sure, there should be one around here- maybe at the train station.’

(20 minutes and a wrong turn later)

Me: ‘Did we pass the train station?! I’m getting really desperate!’

Friend: ‘I think we’re closer to the hotel- let’s just go back there and you can use the bathroom in our room.’

(20 minutes later)

Me: (getting frantic) ‘I can’t wait until we get back to the hotel! I am about to wet my pants!!’

Friend: ‘We’ll be there in five minutes- stop thinking about it!’


Friend: ‘I don’t know you…’


Friend: ‘People are looking at us! Shut up!’


Friend: ‘Why didn’t you go when were in the hotel?!’


Friend: (consulting map) ‘We’re near a museum- go inside and see if they have a bathroom.’

And that, friends, is the story of how I ran a mile in 3 minutes and nearly wet my pants before peeing in a bathroom at the National Museum in Copenhagen.

Lesson learned- don’t drink all your water at once 🙂

Spill! Where’s the weirdest place you’ve peed in public?

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33 Responses to Water, Water, Everywhere

  1. I had a terrible experience in Brussels when I had drank too much beer and ended up having to pee into a plastic bag on a bus. Ha, can’t believe I just shared that story but I feel your pain!

  2. Errign says:

    I semi-drunkenly peed in some bushes on campus in Ireland once…oh, to be 18 again. Eeeek.

    Apple & peanut butter is my favorite combo – and cheerios are my favorite cereal!

  3. AHAHA OMG i feeel your pain! i pee a LOT and it sucks esp for road trips- GAH!! woah that hummus sounds AMAZING

  4. LOL – girl, I’ve peed behind a cop car at the police station in downtown Atlanta before.

  5. Lori Lynn says:

    A couple years ago, I had a friend come home with me to visit my parents, and they happen to live in a very rural area. It was a 7 hr trip, and she slept a lot of the way. I forgot to tell her the last town before my parents was an hour without any place to stop (as she was still sleeping). She woke up a ways into it and had to go to the bathroom. We ended up stopping, so she could use a “grove of trees” for her restroom!

  6. Kat says:

    Not even going to lie, my sissy and I JUST bought that hummus from fresh and easy last friday. The lemon is a bit strong for me to use as a dip, but I liked it alot with my egg burrito yesterday or on a turkey sandwhich 🙂

  7. Bahaha funny story!! 🙂 The weirdest place I ever peed was in a parking lot on my 21st birthday. Good thing I don’t remember it 😉

  8. bahahahaha! too random! but I took a cruise to scandanavia and had a few Copenhagen incidents of my own! one bathroom I refused to go in b/c it said BAD TOILET on the sign and I had no clue what that meant! hehe

    also… not learning ze language in norway and such… made it interesting ordering food! eep!

    happy weekend friend!

  9. Casey says:

    That’s too funny! It stinks you have a bathroom key (or is it just a line?), it wold make it easier if you could just get up and go when you please

    The wierest palce I’ve peed was in parking lot (behind some cars for coverage 😉 ) Good think no one was in them!

  10. Heather says:

    Good call on that F&E hummus, one of my favorites! Hope your leg feels better soon!

  11. I have peed on the side of the road in many a town… when you gotta go, you gotta go! 😀

    And hummus that tastes like the Chipotle rice?! My god, that’s fantastic! 😀

  12. Oh no! I’m so sorry! I feel your pain!

    I woke up at 5 am this morning too! 😀 Yay for early risers! 🙂


  13. Danielle says:

    That’s such a funny story, but I know that had to be awful at the time! I have not yet had to pee in a place that isn’t a bathroom, but I’ve had many a close call.

  14. divasrun says:

    Ok, so where do I get this chocolate PB again???

  15. There is nothing worse than having to pee when the person/ people you’re with don’t understand how URGENT it is! I know, from family road trips. Not cool.

  16. Haha i love that you shared that story with us…I have gone many of times outside… It’s just something you cant control sometimes!!

  17. Monica says:

    Hahaha! This post is hilarious. I have issues with using public bathrooms. But my husband on the other hand, I think he waits until we leave the house to go to the bathroom in public restrooms. It drives me nuts!

  18. Hahaha, I can totally relate! I’m known to have a small bladder, and I try a lot of water. Not the best combo. I make sure to know where bathrooms are at all times when I’m out! And, I’ve definitely peed in a lot of weird places – most notably in my crazy college days… I’m way too embarrased to tell them publicly..

  19. OliePants says:

    LOL – is it weird to say that I love your pee story?! 🙂

    I have to say the weirdest place is when Binks and I were driving and I couldn’t hold it in anymore – I had him pull over on the side of the highway. So there ya go – I’m feeling a little mortified. 🙂

  20. kate says:

    Lemon cilantro hummus sounds delightful! I am loving spring-ish flavors. Now if only it was 65 outside!

  21. S☀S says:

    I always up the crunch factor with my oatbran – it’s delish and the contrast makes the bran that much creamier. win win win.

  22. I have days like that, too! Some days I can drink and drink and harldy have to pee while others it goes right through me. Guess that all has to do with how dehydrated I was before, though.

    You mentioning the 5AM spin class makes me miss RPM so much!! I used to go to the class before school and loved it.

  23. Definitely hoping your leg injury heals itself soon! Let me tell you–tofu chocolate mousse can cure just about anything 🙂

  24. haha, hilarious! I’ve totally been in that position before! Sometimes the urge hits HARD! : )

  25. bakebooks says:

    That is hilarious!!!

    I’ve had to pee in the bushes at a park before…not good – but when ya gotta go, ya gotta go…

  26. Lemon cilantro hummus? Sounds delicious!

  27. probably the weirdest was when i ran the half marathon in october..me and my mom had to go SO BADLY but there was literally the longest line for the porta potties and the race was going to start in a couple minutes..and there was sure as heck no way we could hold it for the distance a half marathon would take… so we went in behind a bush near a hotel close by and did the whole squat and pee lol…it was embarrassing but necessary haha


  28. caitlinoco says:

    I love having some kind of crunch in oats, good choice! I pretty much always have to pee. One time I was going to an Eric Clapton concert and got stuck in concert traffic for 3 hours… I peed on the side of the highway behind tall grass next to the line of cars while my boyfriend waited in the car… awesome =P.

  29. Hilarious story! I love it. I honestly always have to pee when I’m on road trips. I think the grossest place I’ve peed was in a terribly gross gas station bathroom where they also sold fried chicken. Random!

  30. Olivia says:

    Lemon cilantro hummus sounds so awesome!! (especially since you say it tastes like Chipotle’s rice…huge yums!!) I love adding crunchy cereal to oatmeal too, it gives it such a yummy texture contrast!

  31. Kath (My Funny Little Life) says:

    I tend to have to go to the toilet *all the time*. It’s really awkward, because I can nearly manage the time of a seminar or lecture and often have to go “publicly”. Gah. Shame.

  32. Emily says:

    hahaha that story just made my night! I don’t really remember, I don’t think I’ve had any “memorable” bathroom emergencies like that lol

  33. Gina says:

    Totally don’t judge but once I was stuck in traffic with my mom for 3 hours. We didn’t move an inch and I had to go, BAD. Like shooting pains kinda bad. So I went to the backseat and peed in a Starbucks cup. Not my finest moment.

    Anywho, I love chocolate PB flour sauce. My new favorite discovery 🙂

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